HP 14-b109wm 14″ Pavilion TouchSmart for $278 on Black Friday

The HP 14-b109wm (Sparkling Black) 14″ touchscreen laptop from the thin-and-light Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook series will be on Black Friday sale this year at Walmart and will have a $278 price tag, down from $398. Despite having a touch display and sleek profile, the 14-b109wm is still just a budget-class notebook with entry-level performance, mediocre 1366×768 screen resolution, and no other advanced features like keyboard backlight.

HP 14-b109wm Sparkling Black 14 Pavilion TouchSmart

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Dell Inspiron I15RV-1952BLK $177.99 Black Friday Best Buy Deal (Specs Review)

Judging from the $177.99 discounted Black Friday price tag at Best Buy, the Dell Inspiron I15RV-1952BLK 15.6-inch laptop will be one of the bestsellers, if not the most wanted model. It is all about affordability, but that doesn’t mean it’s an utterly useless one. On contrary, the Intel Celeron 1017U dual-core processor (a tad faster than the 1007U) in the I15RV-1952BLK will enable you to complete your daily web, office, and multimedia playback tasks and gives the Dell a great deal of performance advantage over the competing 178-dollar HP 2000-2d09WM with the AMD E-300 CPU. However, the 1017U won’t be able to edit movies or high-resolution images smoothly, nor handle large number of opened applications simultaneously.

 Dell Inspiron I15RV-1952BLK

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HP 2000-2d09WM $178 Black Friday 2013 Laptop (Specs Review)

The HP 2000-2d09WM (Black Licorice) 15.6-inch laptop model will be on sale this Black Friday at Walmart for only $178 and we can say right away that it will be one of the cheapest Black Friday laptop offers. The caveat here is low performance of the system. The 2000-2d09WM sports the AMD E-300 dual-core 1.3GHz processor, which is on the bottom of the laptop CPU list when you order them by speed. You’ll notice sluggish operation even in the easiest tasks, such as web surfing or office document editing. But, with some patience involved, you’ll get the job done and additionally you’ll be able to play full HD videos on the laptop. Heavy multitasking and gaming won’t work well at all on this system. It’s good to see that RAM and hard drive capacities haven’t been crippled in order to lower the price of the system. You get 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD, just like on the majority of consumer laptops in today’s market.

HP 2000-2d09WM

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Asus X502CA-BCL0901D – Affordable and Portable 15.6″ Laptop

The Asus X502CA-BCL0901D is a nice looking, slim, and affordable full-size laptop PC. For only $270 $230, the Windows 8-based X502CA-BCL0901D offers a 15.6-inch display, the Intel Celeron 1007U dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive. These components are bare minimums for modern laptops, but they can handle light workloads, such as web surfing, social networking, office document editing, etc.

Asus X502CA-BCL0901D

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