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The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5310 is one of the most popular laptop models on the market, because it’s a part of Best Buy’s well promoted laptop bundle. For $520, shoppers can get the C55-A5310, Office Home & Student 2013 software suite, Titanium Internet Security 2014 3-user 6-month subscription, a Targus sleeve, Logitech M185 wireless optical mouse, and 8GB flash drive. The notebook itself is a classic 15.6-incher. It’s based on an 3rd Generation (2012) Intel Core i3 processor, so it’s not as power efficient as the latest 4th Gen parts, but it’s certainly a good CPU for routine web and office tasks and multimedia playback. Toshiba hasn’t economized on RAM and storage space, since they’ve included 6GB and 750GB respectively, up from usual 4GB and 500GB. When you add a built-in DVD burner and a full array of networking and connectivity options to the mix, it’s clear the laptop and bundle are a great shopping deal. The screen resolution is low 1366×768 and the chassis has a very simple and somewhat boring design, but these are unwritten standards for the budget laptop category.

Specifications of the C55-A5310

Here are the specs of the C55-A5310 with descriptions of its features. For comparison against other laptops, you can use the "Compare Specs" button.

Brand Toshiba
Screen Size 15.6-inch

This is by far the most popular laptop screen size. It provides a lot of screen real estate, while avoiding bulkiness of the 17.3" laptops.
Screen Resolution 1366x768 pixels HD

This is an entry-level screen resolution, oftentimes found on budget laptops. It doesn't deliver picture sharpness and space on the screen like the Full HD or higher resolution laptop displays do.
Touchscreen No

This laptop doesn't support touchscreen input.
Other Display Specs TN type

Displays based on the old TN technology lack wide viewing angles you can find on IPS screens. The colors may look washed out or inverted at certain viewing angles.
Processor (CPU) Intel Core i3-3120M 3rd Gen dual-core 2.5GHz 3MB cache (User Benchmark CPU score: 35)
Graphics (GPU) Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics
System Memory (RAM) Size 6GB RAM

6GB RAM is enough for moderate multitasking. However, at least 8GB is recommended for flawless multitasking in everyday computing in 2022.
Data Storage 750GB HDD

This is an excellent capacity, but HDD is a slow type of storage.
DVD Optical Drive DVD writer
Keyboard & Input Non-backlit keyboard with dedicated number pad

The keyboard has a separate numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard, but it has no keyboard backlight.

Touchpad with separate physical click buttons

The touchpad features physical left and right click buttons, as opposed to click buttons integrated into the touchpad surface.
Speakers & Audio Stereo speakers

As usual, the device features a pair of built-in stereo speakers.
Camera Front-facing web camera

Laptops usually feature a frontal webcam located on the display bezel. This laptop is no exception.
Wi-Fi Wireless 802.11N

802.11N is an old Wi-Fi standard, precursor of the 802.11AC and the latest 802.11AX with improved data transfer speeds and connectivity. 802.11N is rarely used in modern laptops.
Bluetooth No

This laptop has no built-in Bluetooth module.
Ethernet Network Port Yes

This laptop has an Ethernet LAN port for wired internet and networking connectivity.
USB Ports 2 x USB 2.0 + 1 x USB 3.0

A total of three full-size Type A USB ports.
Video Output Ports 1 x HDMI + 1 x VGA

HDMI is a widely used digital video output port. You can find HDMI-in ports on most computer monitors and TVs. VGA is an old analog type of video connectivity used on older computers, monitors, TVs, and projectors.
Media Card Reader SD card reader

The laptop has a slot for full-size SD memory cards, used in many digital cameras. You can also use microSD cards with a card adapter.
Weight 5.4 pounds
Height 1.3"
Width 15"
Depth 9.5"
Windows Version Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is eligible for free upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Check for more info.
Warranty 1-year

A typical laptop warranty length.
Battery 6-cell 48Wh, "up to 4 hours" battery life

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User Reviews and Q&A on the C55-A5310

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Current rating: 3 out of 5 stars
  1. 2 out of 5 This, as with most PC Laptops I have owned

    Nopi Xies

    The c55-A5310 Toshiba laptop. I upgraded the RAM to maximum, I upgraded the hd to maximum, very nice machine. Unfortunately, the hinges began pulling away from the plastic and failing after the first year. I took it to the Geek Squad who informed me the hinges were fine, the issue is the corners of the back cover chassis are weak and doesn’t properly support the wear and tear. Apparently the screws and nuts on laptops routinely pull away from the chassis. I was told I could order and new chassis for the rear case ($250 with labor) or attempt my own DIY repair. Toshiba and other laptop mfg (exception are the laptops with metal cases) know it is a problem because they all have the same weak point in the structural design. The hinges are metal but the plastic isn’t thick enough to handle repeated open and closings several times per day… Everything else about it works great.

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  2. Question


    My toshiba satellite C55-A5310. Windows 8. It powers on. It charges while being plugged in. The screen won’t light up to see anything.

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  3. 4 out of 5


    This laptop is a good deal. You can opt out of the trials. Battery lasts me 7.5 hours, even though Toshiba rates it at 4.5. Ram goes to 16 gb, is very upgradeable. Solidly built.

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    • Nopi Xies

      Built to fail. Every PC laptop I have ever owned has had hinge failure. Not that the hinges themselves would fail but the plastic glue and metal pulled away from the each other. The hinges are solid the chassis plastic isn’t built to the handle the heat and stress of opening and closing the lid 10-15 times per day every day. At best these last a couple years and fail (none of the warranties will cover it).

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