Best Windows 10 Tutorial & How-To Resources

Windows 10 - Tutorial and How-To Resources

Microsoft offers a comprehensive official how-to guide for Windows 10, covering all aspects of their latest operating system. Also are available high-quality third-party tutorials, oftentimes covering some advanced system tweaks which aren’t offered in the official edition.

Alongside Microsoft’s official Windows 10 how-to section, the most comprehensive so far appears to be the one by Ten Forums. They have more than 100 tutorials on various Windows 10 topics, ranging from the basic settings to advanced hacks for a highly customizable user experience. Examples are adding colors to Title bars or creating a Desktop icon to Microsoft Edge browser. Both topics aren’t covered by Microsoft.

Other websites offering well-written Windows 10 tips & how-tos are WinSuperSite, MakeUseOf, WinAero, and many more.

Computer manufacturers have prepared their Windows 10 tutorials, too. These guides, which cover the most basic topics, are meant to ship with new Win 10-based computers. Some of them are available as free online resources, too. So far, we have found Lenovo’s guide, while those by Dell, HP, and others are coming soon.

If you’re an IT professional planning to deploy Windows 10 in your company, you can check out Microsoft’s free Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals e-book and Windows 10 Enterprise FAQ.

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