Intel “Santa Rosa Refresh” Brings Penryn CPUs, HD Decoder

Intel PenrynIntel has officially confirmed launch of the “Santa Rosa Refresh” notebook platform in January next year. It is an update to Intel Centrino processor technology that includes the next-generation 45 nanometer (nm) Core 2 mobile processor codenamed “Penryn” and improved graphics capabilities, the chip maker announced.

Intel “Santa Rosa Refresh”-based notebooks are claimed to deliver “improved platform performance and great battery life”. Regarding graphics, improvement focuses on HD DVD and Blu-Ray support with an optional third-party decoder, as well as enhanced content and gaming capabilities, according to the company’s Pre-CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2008 Briefing.

Intel also confirmed “Menlow” platform shipments in the first half of 2008. This platform is designed for use in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs).

In addition, the company says it works with Sprint and Clearwire on the deployment of a mobile WiMAX network in the United States starting in 2008. Intel’s integrated Wi-Fi/WiMAX module will be available as an option with next-generation Intel Centrino processor technology, codenamed
“Montevina”, scheduled for launch during next year.

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