Sony VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC Convertible Mini Laptop Coming Mid-February

Sony VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC

At the ongoing 2014 CES expo in Las Vegas, Sony is showcasing the VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC, an 11.6-inch convertible laptop based on the Intel Bay Trail platform.

Thanks to the main display hinge and an additional one which spreads accross the middle of the LCD backpanel, just like on the larger Flip models, users have the ability to switch between laptop, tablet and rear-facing viewer modes. The display itself sports Full HD resoluion and TRILUMINOS technology for a great picture quality. The VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC comes with a digitizer layer on the screen and is bundled with an active stylus supporting pressure sensitivity. The laptop packs an Pentium Bay Trail processor, presumably the quad-core but still entry-level Pentium N3520, up to 8GB of RAM, a solid state drive, and dual cameras with the rear one being an 8MP shooter. The whole package weighs 2.8 pounds.

Besides Windows 8.1, the Fit 11A will ship with a free copy of Photoshop Elements 12.

The convertible will start shipping late February for $799 and up. It will be available in silver, blue, and pink colors.

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