Asus G75, G55 Gaming Laptops Coming in April

Like many computer-related sites, we’ve missed to report about the new Asus G5 Republic of Gamers (ROG) series gaming laptops which will be called the Asus G75 and G55 if they don’t digress from the naming scheme.

The 17.3″ Asus G75 and 15.6″ Asus G55 were captured in two separate videos at 2012 CES. Both notebooks will come with the Intel Ivy Bridge processors, officially called 3rd Generation Intel Core, and Nvidia’s next-gen GeForce “Kepler” gaming-class GPUs. It’s not exactly known which GeForce video card models will be used in the G75 and G55. The current G-series Asus laptops don’t come with the top-of-the-line Nvidia GTX 580M, so there’s a possibility that the G75/G55 won’t include the most powerful GPU option from the upcoming GeForce lineup either. (Note: If we understood the translation of a article correctly, the laptops will come with the GeForce GTX 670M.)

Asus G75, G55 Laptop Design
Asus G75, G55 Laptop Design

The specifications sheets show that the 2012 mobile gaming rigs by Asus will include up to 1.5TB of traditional or hybrid HDD storage using dual-hard drive setups. There’s also a 256GB SSD option, as well as maximal 16GB of 1600MHz memory, and DVD burner, Blu-ray combo, and Blu-ray writer options. Display resolution choices include FHD and HD+, 1920×1080 and 1600×900 translated to pixels, and there’s a 3D screen option. Other specs include 5.1-channel sound support, and an HD webcam.

Design hasn’t changed much. It’s still inspired by stealth aircrafts and sports large dual vents on the back.

We’re not sure if weight of these laptops is a concern for gamers, but let’s say the G75 and G55 weigh 4.3 and 3.8 kilograms, respectively.

Of course, there’s no word on pricing at this time. Asus is expected to release the laptops in April.

In addition, Asus showcased at the CES some standard laptops, such as the new K and N series.

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  1. The chiclet keyboard is a weird decision for a gaming laptop. MSI has a way better one for real gamers, the SteelSeries.

  2. what are the materials used to build this laptop? i dont like plastic things. does it have a subwoofer? what speakers does it use?


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