First Intel Atom N450 Reviews Surface

Intel AtomSeveral websites have reviewed an Asus Eee PC netbook with Intel’s recently released Atom N450 Pine Trail M platform.

The conclusion is that the new platform with the Intel Atom N450 main processor, the GMA 3150 graphics, and the memory controller on a single die delivers a better power efficiency and has minor performance benchmark differences when compared to the previous Atom netbooks with the N270/N280 CPUs and the GMA 950 graphics.

According to Anand Tech, the Pine Trial M-powered Asus Eee PC1005PE has an overall PCMark05 score of 1420 points. It’s 180 points lower than with the Asus 1005HA combining the Atom N270 and GMA 950.

On the other side, their DivX video encoding benchmark shows the 1005PE encodes 3.65 frames per second, which is better than 2.24 FPS on the 1005HA.

wPrime, that measures CPU performance, shows the 1.66GHz N450 finishes the benchmark calculations in 116 seconds, 7 seconds faster than the Samsung N110 netbook with the 1.6GHz Atom N270.

Regarding 3D graphics and video, the new Atom and GPU have a low 3Dmark06 score of around 160 points. That’s, however, better than around 110 points with the older Intel Atom chips and graphics. The reviewers mostly agree that video playback of 720p content runs smoothly. But, 1080p resolution clips and movies, without Broadcom’s help in this netbook, cause frequent dropped frames and loss of audio/video sync.

Tech Report says Web surfing on the N450-powered netbook “is relatively snappy most of the time, but Flash-heavy sites will quickly bog down the Eee PC, especially when multiple tabs are involved”. Also, “users should probably stay away from multitasking”, according to Tech Report.

The reviews show that the Pine Trail M brings biggest improvement in terms of battery life. For instance, the 1005PE with the 6-cell battery managed 12 hours of run time in NotebookReview’s test, with the screen brightness set to 70%, WiFi on, and Windows 7 set to the Balanced profile. It’s a “25% boost compared to the 1005HA”.

The next-gen Intel netbooks, such as the 1005PE, new Dell Mini 10, HP Mini 210, MSI Wind U130/U135, or Fujitsu MH380, are expected to hit the market in January.

You can read the full reviews on Laptop Magazine, NotebookReview, CNet, Engadget, Computer Shopper, Hot Hardware, Anand Tech, and Tech Report.

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  1. So in real world use. The N450 is not much better then the N270/280 Atom’s. Having used both a N270 and a N450. I would say its not going to be that noticeable except for possible better battery life.

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