Nextbook Flexx NXW101QC232 10.1″ 2-in-1 Tablet 2GB / 32GB

Nextbook Flexx NXW101QC232 10.1 2-in-1 Tablet 2GB 32GB

The Nextbook Flexx NXW101QC232 or simply Flexx 10 is a small and inexpensive 2-in-1 PC, which can be used as a tablet or laptop. The main features of the device which is selling for around $180 are a 10.1-inch 1280×800-pixel IPS display, detachable keyboard with trackpad, the Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM memory, and 32GB of storage space.

Although it’s a decently equipped device for the given price, we advise you to check out the 230-dollar Flexx 11, since it offers more value for the money. First of all, the Flexx 11 has a larger 11.6-inch display with better 1366-by-768 resolution, meaning more space for work in programs and on your Windows Desktop. Another great advantage is larger internal storage capacity of 64GB, which isn’t big but removes constraints of 32GB drives. Finally, the 11 version has keyboard backlight.

If you’re not willing to spend additional $50 and want to stick to the Nextbook NXW101QC232, the 2-in-1 will satisfy your basic computing needs. It can render and scroll webpages smoothly, play movies (including 1080p ones) and music flawlessly, run decently popular productivity apps like Word and Excel, and is capable of running some basic games. Naturally, the 10.1-incher has a smaller footprint and is lighter, but the manufacturer hasn’t published info on dimensions and weight.

What the devices have in common are front and rear 2-megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless interfaces, a micro HDMI port for connection to external displays, headphones jack, built-in microphone, a power jack, micro USB port on the tablet part, and two USB 2.0 full-size ports on the keyboard dock. We have no info on the speaker system of the Nextbook Flexx hybrids nor battery life. The NXW101QC232 has a 7,000 mAh battery instead of a 9,000 mAh one, but since the device has a smaller display the battery life should be similar on both computers.

They come with a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal and 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

Nextbook Flexx NXW101QC232 10.1 2-in-1 Tablet 2GB 32GB 2

Specifications of the Nextbook Flexx NXW101QC232

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Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1280×800 pixels (HD)



Other Display Specs

IPS display tech (wide viewing angles)

Processor (CPU)

Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Bay Trail 1.33-1.83GHz 2MB Cache (~900 PassMark benchmark points)

System Memory (RAM)




DVD Optical Drive


Graphics (GPU)

Intel HD Integrated Graphics


Non-backlit keyboard without numeric pad
Multi-touch trackpad with integrated buttons


Front + Rear



Ethernet LAN


3G - 4G Mobile Broadband





1 x micro USB 2.0
2 x USB 2.0

Video Ports

1 x micro HDMI

Media Card Reader

Yes (MicroSD)

Other Features

Detachable keyboard included
Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription for free


7,000 mAh

Windows Version

Windows 8.1 (Eligable for free upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Check for more info.)



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  1. dave w – October 28, 2016:

    Why does it not charge but flashes red instead of solid red?

    • obaydur – February 9, 2018:

      I need display glass

      • obaydur – February 9, 2018:

        next book model no nxw101Qc232 display glass

  2. Eugene scott – August 14, 2016:

    Set reset up

  3. Walter Seiler – February 3, 2016:

    how do you remove the “nextbook” screen cover.

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