4th Gen Intel Core i3-4010U “Haswell” Laptop CPU Spotted

We’ve spotted the first 4th Generation Intel Core i3 “Haswell” processor. It’s the i3-4010U dual-core at 1.7GHz, designed for use in ultrabooks and other thin and light laptops.

Intel Core i3-4010U

The CPU has started appearing in select mid-range notebooks on the market, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex and some HP ProBook models. The i3-4010U is an entry-level chip in the Core hierarchy. It’s cheaper because of that and enables low laptop prices, while still maintaining good performance for everyday use and a low power consumption of 15W.

The Core i3-4010U has a score in the PassMark CPU benchmark of 2,253 points. For comparison, stepping up to the i5-4200U delivers 3,394 points. The CPU Windows Experience Index value in Windows 8 is 6.3 out of 9.9. For comparison, the i5-4200U at 1.6-2.6GHz scores 6.9. The lower results of the i3 are mostly because of absence of TurboBoost technology which allows the i5 to bump the speed to 2.6GHz if needed. The integrated graphics processor inside both chips is the HD 4400 series, which can be used for some basic 3D gaming.

Intel Core i3-4010U Windows Experience Index Benchmark

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