New Intel Ivy Bridge Laptop CPU List Revealed

3rd Generation Intel Core i7 and i5 (Ivy Bridge) Logos
3rd Generation Intel Core i7 and i5 (Ivy Bridge) Logos

A German site Computer Base has spotted a new Intel Ivy Bridge processor list, including several models for notebook computers. The list adds a couple of new chips to the previously revealed mobile lineup.

In the Core i7 “Ivy Bridge” series, the new CPUs are the i7-3615QM, i7-3612QM, and i7-3610QM quad-core parts for high-performance laptops, and the ultrabook-use ultra-low voltage dual-core i7-3517U.

The Core i5 line is expanded with the i5-3210M, which is an entry level i5 laptop chip, and with the ULV i5-3317U for ultrabooks.

Click on the image below to see the full specifications list of these processors. The list also contains some of the earlier discovered parts.

Intel Ivy Bridge Laptop CPU list
These are some of the Intel Ivy Bridge Laptop CPUs.

Previously revealed i7 Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs include the top-of-the-line Core i7-3920XM quad-core, the Core i7-3820QM and i7-3720QM, also with 4 cores, and the dual-core i7-3520M and ULV i7-3667U. Intel’s i5 laptop CPU list additionally contains the i5-3360M and i5-3320M, as well as ULV i5-3427U.

As we reported last month, higher-end Ivy Bridge processors are expected to arrive in April, while lower-end parts will reportedly come in summer.

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