Gateway NV570P10u Touchscreen Laptop with 15.6″ & Intel i5 for $330

Microsoft Store has one of the best touch-laptop deals this Black Friday. The Gateway NV570P10u touchscreen laptop with a 15.6-inch screen diagonal and good Intel Core i3-3337U dual-core processor will cost only $329.99 after a huge $320 discount.

Gateway NV570P10u

We’ve reported previously about the Gateway NV570P09u which also provides touchscreen input support plus a larger 750GB hard drive instead of 500GB in the NV570P10u and a built-in DVD burner for 299.99 during Black Friday. However, since it has the lower-end Intel Pentium 2117U CPU, it has noticeably weaker performance. Comparison of the mentioned i5 and Pentium reveals the difference. They have 3,284 and 1,567 PassMark points, respectively, which is visible in day-to-day tasks and extremely important in more demanding scenarios like video editing.

In our opinion, the i5-based Gateway NV570P10u provides much better value than the Pentium-powered counterpart because of the faster CPU. Spending additional $30 on it is really worth it, despite the smaller hard drive.

In other aspects these two plastic-cladded laptop models are the same. Their improtant features are 4GB of RAM memory, built-in DVD burners and (correction: no optical drive in the NV570P10u) webcams, four USB connectors, HDMI and VGA, and a media car reader, besides Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN Internet connections. Gateway claims both models deliver a battery life of up to four hours.

They’re fairly sleek with a 1.15″ profile, but as a downside they have a hefty weight of 5.7 pounds.

If you want compare Microsoft’s Gateway NV570P10u touchscreen laptop offer with other deals, you can check out our Black Friday deals comparison table.

The notebook can be purchased now via Microsoft’s official store.

Gateway NV570P10u Keyboard

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    • Since select nv570p models come with a DVD burner, I believe it’s possible to install it in this laptop. It looks like they’ve simply put a piece of plastics to cover the optical drive hole on this model.

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